Kgalagadi Trans Frontier Park – Kalahari Red Dunes

Kgalagadi Trans Frontier Park – Kalahari Red Dunes

Kalahari Gemsbok Park / Kgalagadi Trans Frontier Park (KTFP) Transformed, in more ways than one. After some rain the red sand dunes of the KTFP is transformed, into wave after wave of green grass waving at you in the wind.

The Kalahari is one of natures wonders.
So much is done with so little. Just a few mm of rain changes this breathtaking landscape. Summer months are dry and hot, and makes you wonder what the animals feed on.
Animals such as Springbuck, Oryx “Gems Buck” Giraffe, Blue Wilde Beest, Red Harte Beest, Kudu and Eland to name a few.
There is more than enough food for them, we just don’t know and see it.

We all know that the predators Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Hyena, Caracal, Jackal and many more feed on the mammals, and there is no shortage of animals.
Birds of prey haven. Giant Eagle Owl, Pigmy Falcons, Secretary Birds, Tawny Eagles to name a few.
They all survive and breed in the Kgalagadi Trans Frontier Park.

We will guide you through it… to it!!!
Your guide, Herman has been to the park numerous times on scouting expeditions
to give you the best experience in the Kgalagadi.
Photo opportunities around every bend, over every red sand dune.
We cater for newbies and the experienced in photography.

Camping with electricity
Camping with limited electricity
Camping without any electricity on the Botswana side
Safari tents / huts with Solar powered lights
Hot water with LP gas geysers
Battery’s for camera are charged in the vehicle daily.

Wilderness camps a must and is an optional extra.
These camps are not fenced, small with 4 huts and 2 pax per hut. 8 in total.
No children under 12 years allowed. You need to be fully self sufficient in the KTFP with food and water.

The water in the park is NOT for human consumption.
All of this is taken care of, by us!
Ideal for 2 pax at a time in one vehicle with your guide.
Groups of up to 10 are catered for.

Minimum stay of 4 nights with 2 pax.
8 nights gives you an advantage over the rest.

All this from $ 350.00 per person per day
Private tours with one client on request.

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